Barnett Government creates division by cutting Italian language program

Barnett Government creates division by cutting Italian language program

The Barnett Liberal Government’s decision to cut funding to the Italian Community Language Program will deprive 22,000 WA students of learning the language.

The potential loss of the program, which has been successfully run by the Italo-Australian Welfare and Culture Centre for the past 35 years, will have a strong impact on Fremantle, which is home to a large Italian community.

The program was previously funded by the State, Federal and Italian Governments. This year the State Government provided about $780,000 towards the program.

“I strongly believe second languages are an important part of our children’s education, and I want to make sure the Italian language remains an important part of our culture here in Western Australia,” State Labor MP for Fremantle Simone McGurk said.

“The Government is cutting the Italian language program to fund other language programs. This is a divisive and bad decision.

“Given the reasonably small amount of money involved, the Government should not be cutting the Italian language funding just to fund other programs.

“Fremantle is home to a large Italian community with a rich history, which is why WA Labor launched a petition to save the Italian Language Program,” Ms McGurk said.

“Fremantle’s Italian community has worked hard over many generations to help build a strong and successful Western Australia, and I believe we need to ensure we preserve the Italian culture and language into the future.”

Please download, print and sign the petition and share with your family and friends so we can save the Italian Language Program.

Please return the original copies of this petition to the office of Simone McGurk, State Member for Fremantle, Shop 2, 8-12 Market Street, Fremantle.

Picture: Simone McGurk with Amy Winterbottom, Italian Teacher at Lance Holt School, Fred Calginari, President of the Fremantle Italian Club, and Vittorio Petriconi, President of Comites di Perth.