Barnett’s bandaid not enough for Fremantle’s Warders’ Cottages

Barnett’s bandaid not enough for Fremantle’s Warders’ Cottages

Fast facts:

  • The Warders’ Cottages, built in the 1850s, are among the country’s oldest continuous terraces
  • The historic cottages have been empty for nearly three years since the Barnett Government evicted the tenants
  • Today’s announcement is an empty commitment for heritage and for Fremantle
  • The Barnett Government’s announcement of $2million towards Fremantle’s iconic Warders’ Cottages is an empty commitment that will be spent on maintenance work that is long overdue
  • Member for Fremantle Simone McGurk said the 18 Warders’ Cottages have been left to rot by the Barnett Government since 2011 when public housing tenants were evicted from the cottages

They have since been left to crumble and are an eye sore in the centre of Fremantle.

Ms McGurk said today’s announcement for a feasibility study and ‘de-risking’ or Minister’s speak for maintenance work of the Warders’ Cottages is money that should have been spent in 2011.

The announcement is part of a $4million revolving heritage fund, which falls well short of the $8million promised by the Liberal’s before the 2013 State election.

Earlier this year Ms McGurk launched a petition demanding that the Barnett Government take action on the dilapidating Warders’ Cottages. 1000 people have signed the petition.

Lines from Simone McGurk MLA Member for Fremantle:

“These heritage treasures have been crumbling before our eyes for nearly three years.

“The Warder’s Cottages are an icon in Fremantle and questions still remain over their future.

“Today’s announcement is an empty announcement, with minimal funding allocated to restore the 18 cottages.

“We are custodians of these precious resources and we have a responsibility to protect them for future generations.

“This is another broken promise by the Premier, a bad outcome for heritage, and a bad outcome for Fremantle.”

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