Beat the Liberals’ Christmas Grinch

Beat the Liberals’ Christmas Grinch

I am the WA Shadow Minister for Community Services. Recently I was shocked and disgusted to learn the Liberal State Government have ripped $50 from West Australian grandparent carers.

This $50 Christmas gift card previously went to grandparent carers, who look after their grandchildren full-time.

$50 is a small amount that can make a huge difference at an expensive time of year to the lives of these carers and the children they care for.

If 1400 people all donated $50 we would be able to return a small amount of cheer to the grandparent carers in our community who do a great job, often in challenging circumstances.

You can read more about this and hear from Maggie Sands who is a grandparent carer by clicking here.

How the funds will be used

All funds raised will be sent to Wanslea Family Services to distribute to the grandparent carers who would have normally received the gift cards.


I understand that it is Christmas time, and we all have our own bills and financial struggles at this time of year, but if you are in a financial position to do so, please consider donating.

Thank you.

Simone McGurk

Shadow Minister for Community Services

Click here to support WA grandparent carers