Call for more women in fire management

Call for more women in fire management

More women are being encouraged to pursue a career in fire management following the release of an action plan by the State’s premier land management agency.

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions’ Parks and Wildlife Service has launched its Women in Fire Management Action Plan 2019-22, promoting gender diversity in the workforce.

This plan aims to increase female representation in fire management and encourages women to get involved in an industry that has been traditionally male dominated.

Currently only five per cent of frontline firefighter positions and 17 per cent of fire management positions are held by women at Parks and Wildlife Service.

The action plan has set a target of between 20 and 30 per cent of women in frontline and fire management roles, and 10 per cent of women in fire leadership positions by 2024.

Parks and Wildlife Service is responsible for fire mitigation and suppression on over 100 million hectares of land across Western Australia, including national parks and reserves and unallocated Crown land.

The action plan is available here.

“The McGowan Government is committed to providing equal opportunities for all to progress their careers – particularly in traditionally male-dominated occupations like fire management,” said¬†Environment Minister Stephen Dawson.

“Setting the foundation for more diversity in fire management will assist Parks and Wildlife Service in improving productivity, performance and capability of all staff.

“Ultimately, providing more leadership opportunities for women is a good thing for the entire community and will have positive outcomes for fire management in Western Australia.”

Women’s Interests Minister Simone McGurk said,¬†“This action plan sets targets to ensure it delivers real results for women’s representation and equity in fire management.

“I ask everyone to consider the role they can play in achieving gender equality, because we all want a Western Australia where every woman has the opportunity to fulfill her potential.

“It has been demonstrated that increased gender diversity in leadership roles leads to better decision-making and improves culture and morale.”