The Future of Fremantle

The Future of Fremantle

Empty shops and the general disrepair of Fremantle’s CBD is a major issue people raise with Simone. Fremantle people are passionate about their community and they want to see the port city realise its full potential.

Fremantle faces a range of challenges but also has much to look forward to over the short, medium and long term.

This Government has allocated $37.5 million in the budget to relocate the Housing Authority to Fremantle as part of the King’s Square redevelopment, injecting new life and more than 1,500 workers into our town centre. The Government’s heritage listing of the iconic West End will attract new opportunities for local tourism.

Fremantle College will open in 2018 providing local families with the better secondary schooling options they have long sought.

The Sustainable Health Review will provide a blue-print for how we can make best use of Fremantle Hospital moving forward.

Work will also begin on planning for the second port at Kwinana, the revitalisation of the South Quay precinct, the establishment of an Urgent Care Clinic in Fremantle, and the upgrading of High Street to improve road safety and traffic flow.