Fee increases for community based early childhood centres

Fee increases for community based early childhood centres

Community based early childhood centres in WA will have to lift fees or will be forced to close after the Barnett Government decided to abolish the accommodation assistance provided to these centres.

These centres provide high quality care, are not for profit and provide an important community hub around early childhood education and care.

Hundreds of families rely on these community based services and this change puts their future in doubt.

The centres say they will be forced to either pass the cost onto parents or will have to close if they can’t meet this extra cost.

The government either owned or leased the land the centres were on and the subsidy which is being cut was used for maintenance and insurance costs.

The accommodation subsidy provided by the government was $1.4million annually.

Comments from Simone McGurk Shadow Minister for Communities:

“This is a mean spirited government that has blown the budget and is now having to make cuts to vital services for children and families.

“They are willing to shut local community childhood centres to save $1.4 million, but are happy to spend $3 million on media monitoring, $10 million on their ‘big picture’ advertising spin, and $25 million on a new office for the Premier.

“Community based early childhood centres are an asset to our community, yet the government is undermining that service and creating uncertainty for families.

“WA has a childcare shortage, with long wait lists for many childcare centres. The government says it wants to encourage women into the workforce, yet this decision by the Liberal Government will make the situation worse.”