The McGowan Government has today announced the first operators of refund points for Western Australia’s new container deposit scheme that will see millions of bottles and cans diverted from landfill each year.

Launching on June 2, Containers for Change will allow Western Australians to claim a 10-cent refund when they return eligible beverage containers at designated refund points across the State.

Sixty-five entities have been selected to deliver 145 refund point locations. Around 40 per cent of refund points will be operated by social enterprises including charities, disability sector organisations, Aboriginal corporations, and sporting and community groups.

Refund points will be established in every region across the State, from the Kimberley to the Great Southern. The number of refund points across the State will grow to at least 172 by June and to 229 by the end of the scheme’s first year. Refund point locations and operating hours will be available here in May.

It is estimated more than 500 jobs will be created at refund points across the State, including hundreds of jobs to be targeted at employing people living with disability, the long-term unemployed and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, as well as opportunities for apprentices and trainees.

Logistics and processing applicants have also been selected, with state-of-the-art compacting trucks and on-site compacting to be used for the first time in any container deposit scheme in Australia.

This will mean less heavy vehicle movements on Western Australian roads – the equivalent of one truck instead of five.

“WA’s first container deposit scheme, Containers for Change, is taking shape and it’s pleasing to see so many organisations from all sectors of the community getting on board,” said Premier Mark McGowan.

“Western Australians have been calling for this type of recycling scheme for a long time. I’m proud that my Government is implementing Containers for Change, which will deliver a big boost to recycling and create jobs.

“Today’s announcement is just the starting point for the Containers for Change network, which will grow significantly in coming months and years.

“More than 500 jobs will be created through Containers for Change. Refund point operators will provide job opportunities for all Western Australians, but particularly for people living with disability and long-term unemployed.”

Environment Minister Stephen Dawson said, “There are more than 1.3 billion eligible beverage containers used in Western Australia each year, and they make up 44 per cent of litter in our parks, streets and waterways.

“The McGowan Government has introduced Containers for Change to help reduce litter, improve recycling rates, create new businesses and employment opportunities across the State, and provide a new way for community organisations and charities to raise money.”

State Member for Fremantle Simone McGurk said that along with the community, she’s been campaigning for a container deposit scheme since she was elected in 2013.

“I’m proud to be part of a government that takes the war on waste seriously and has finally made it happen.

“I’ve no doubt uptake will be strong in Fremantle – a community of committed and conscientious recyclers!”