High Street upgrade plans thrown into disarray

Fast Facts:

  • Abbott Government’s Perth Freight Link project throws original upgrade plans for High Street-Stirling Highway intersection into disarray.
  • It appears that the proposal for a massive trench along High Street is back on the State Government books.
  • State Government must come clean about what they are planning.
  • The Federal Government’s ‘Perth Freight Link’ project has thrown the planned upgrade of the intersection of Stirling Highway and High Street in Fremantle into disarray.

New figures reveal the cost of the upgrade may be three times more than originally announced.

Fremantle Labor MP Simone McGurk has called on the Barnett Liberal Government to come clean on their plans for the upgrade.

“It appears that Fremantle residents may get an entirely different upgrade to the one that has been discussed over the last two years.” Ms McGurk said.

“The massive increase in costs suggests that the Government is planning to build an enormous trench alongside High Street from Marmion Street through to Carrington Street.

This idea was considered in the early consultations but ruled out in 2009 on cost grounds.

The proposal would have seen a trench commencing on Stirling Highway after Stirling Bridge and then travelling under Marmion Street and the High Street intersection.

The trench then continues through part of the golf course and eventually comes back on to Leach Highway after travelling under Carrington Street.

Ms McGurk said based on information provided at the recent Commonwealth estimates hearing the State and Federal Government are now planning to spend around $380 million on this section of the road upgrade.

“The Government needs to explain why they want to spend so much money on this project when traffic volumes will be reduced significantly once a new outer harbour opens,” she said.

“Getting more freight on to rail, reducing the number of trucks travelling to and from the Port empty and developing a new container port are the most cost effective solutions to manage traffic in this area.

“Incredibly, both state and federal Liberal governments are looking to pour millions of dollars into this six lane highway which then funnels into four lanes at Stirling Bridge and Tydeman Road. It will be gridlock madness.

“The Fremantle community has engaged in consultation in good faith with the State Government over last two years. If they are throwing all this out and going back to the big trench proposal they should come clean.” Ms McGurk said.

“The Fremantle community deserves to know about the latest plans for these intersections, and it needs to be able to have a say in the project,” she added.