Next generation firefighters boost workplace diversity

Next generation firefighters boost workplace diversity

Efforts to diversify the State’s career firefighting force are starting to bear fruit, after a record number of women were selected to take part in the latest Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) Trainee Firefighter School.

Fourteen women, 15 men and one non-binary person make up the diverse group of individuals who will start training with Firefighter School 89 on July 25.

The cohort of 30 trainees, who were chosen from more than 1,200 applicants, also includes an Indigenous Australian.

Five months of intense learning awaits the latest group of successful applicants, whose training includes structural, bush and marine firefighting techniques, road crash rescue, emergency driving instruction, hazardous materials response and community safety.

Twelve of the graduates will be based in the regions as part of the State Government’s commitment to bolstering firefighter crews in regional WA.

DFES is seeking to improve diversity outcomes and has introduced a range of recruitment initiatives aimed at unlocking its workforce potential.

They include tailor-made information and equipment sessions which help female applicants familiarise themselves with the testing requirements of the recruitment process.

Recruitment teams have visited schools, career expos and community events to encourage more women to consider a career in firefighting.

DFES has also developed targeted advertising campaigns challenging the stereotypes of firefighting and raising awareness of the rewarding pathway as an occupation for all.

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