Recognising the work and commitment of WA foster carers

Recognising the work and commitment of WA foster carers

The invaluable contribution made by foster carers who have opened their homes and hearts to care for children in need is being celebrated during WA Foster Carers Week, which runs from August 16 to 22.

In Western Australia, there are currently more than 5,300 children who receive love and support through general or family care arrangements. This occurs in situations where children and young people are no longer able to safely stay at home.

WA Foster Carers Week is an important opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of foster carers across the State. These are ordinary people who step up and choose to make a difference to the lives of some of our most vulnerable children and young people when they need it most.

The State Government is celebrating the vital role of foster carers with events and activities to recognise carers at regional district offices across Western Australia. Events include morning teas, information stalls and crafting activities for children, with celebrations aimed at highlighting the role of carers and strengthening their existing support networks or connection to other carers in their local area.

The Department of Communities has also launched a digital campaign that will share foster carer stories online and through social media. Further details are available via the department’s Foster Care webpage.

Specialised training is provided for all prospective carers who are assessed as suitable for foster placements. Anyone interested in becoming a foster carer or receiving more information about foster care options is encouraged to visit the Department of Communities’ website.

“WA Foster Carers Week is an important opportunity to thank our foster carers and recognise the contribution they make to Western Australia’s child protection system.

“While each foster carer household will have their own reasons for taking on the role, what all carers have in common is a commitment to provide a safe and nurturing environment for the children they care for.

“Children in out-of-home care have often witnessed or experienced traumatic circumstances through no fault of their own, so the trust, care and stability that foster carers provide can help to create renewed meaning and hope.

“The Department of Communities holds regular information sessions for people interested in becoming foster or respite carers. I encourage anyone interested in becoming a foster carer to visit the department’s website or phone 1800 182 178 for more information.” said Minister of Child Protection Simone McGurk.