Redress for Fairbridge survivors

Applications from survivors placed at Pinjarra’s Fairbridge farm school by a government, who suffered abuse as children, will now be considered under the National Redress Scheme.

Difficulties in determining who would fund the Fairbridge survivors under the National Redress Scheme have been resolved.

The State and Commonwealth governments have agreed to act together as ‘funder of last resort’ for Fairbridge claims.

Funding applications from Fairbridge survivors will be treated as a priority.

Since taking office, the WA Government has been working to ensure the Fairbridge survivors can gain access to the National Redress Scheme similar to survivors of other institutions.

The WA Commissioner for Victims of Crime will now work with the Old Fairbridgians Society to make sure all Fairbridge survivors at the farm school in Pinjarra are contacted and supported to make an application under the National Redress Scheme if they are eligible and if they wish.

“I am pleased that we have now reached an agreement with the Commonwealth Government which will allow Fairbridge survivors to access the National Redress Scheme, and that any applications will be dealt with as a priority.

“I am confident that Fairbridge survivors will be supported through this process.” said Attorney General John Quigley.

“Today is a significant day for the Fairbridge survivors. I thank them for their patience and urge them to apply for redress, if they are eligible and if they wish.

“In acknowledging their long wait, all applications from Fairbridge survivors will be given priority.” said Minister for Child Protection Simone McGurk.