Serco the only winner of Barnett’s mismanagement

Serco the only winner of Barnett’s mismanagement

The only winner out of the Barnett Government’s Mid-Year Review is Serco, the multi-national corporation that will receive an additional $16.7million, State Member for Fremantle Simone McGurk said today.

The Barnett Government will hand over the money to the British-based private operator Serco, in addition to the $118.8million they are receiving to run a hospital with no or few patients.

Ms McGurk said the additional amount is due to the continued delays and bungled management of the new hospital.

“Serco’s contract to run the hospital was signed to begin in January 2014 despite the hospital not being fully operational until at least April 2015,” Ms McGurk said.

“The Barnett Government had promised that the hospital would be operational by April 2014.

“Colin Barnett’s disastrous Mid-Year Review has only one winner.

“That winner is Serco and they are laughing all the way to bank.”

Ms McGurk said WA taxpayers are now forking out an extra $16.7million to Serco, while local businesses and the rest of the community are hit with increased taxes, cuts in services and more debt.

“This means by the time the hospital is fully operational Serco will have received $135.5million due to the Barnett Government’s bungled management,” she said.

“This again demonstrates Colin Barnett’s obsession with privatisation and his habit of signing bad deals with the private sector.

“In all their bad deals, WA taxpayers continue to bear the risk while some private businesses walk away with millions of dollars guaranteed.”