Support the Royal George Hotel

Support the Royal George Hotel

This morning Simone joined Channel 9’s Today¬†program in a live broadcast from East Fremantle’s iconic Royal George Hotel.

The heritage landmark, which was built in 1903, has been listed as part of the State Government’s asset sale program, but after years of neglect there is still no heritage plan for the hotel.

“Without putting a development proposal in place before the sale, the concern is that a new private owner will have the local community over a barrel when it comes to any development,” she told Channel 9.

A petition has now been launched to tell the Barnett Government that the local community wants to see a proper development proposal with heritage caveats attached before the building is sold.

Click here to download and sign the petition

Please ensure that you only return original copies to Simone’s office as emailed, photocopied or scanned petitions cannot be tabled in Parliament.