Words alone are not enough to tackle family violence

Words alone are not enough to tackle family violence

The State Government is correct to finally start focusing on family and domestic violence, but it will fail if it doesn’t follow words with action.

WA Labor’s Shadow Community Services, Women’s and Children’s Interests Minister Simone McGurk says more resources are needed if the government is really serious about tackling the problem.

Western Australia currently faced unacceptable levels of family violence but under the current Liberal Government existing services already struggled to cope.

Without ensuring there are additional resources for shelters, specialist services and education, the government’s strategy is unlikely to reduce family violence.

WA Labor welcomes the government’s adoption of the Labor’s 2013 election policy, which proposed the use of electronic monitoring of violence restraining order (VRO) respondents.

Ms McGurk said after seven years it was good to see the government had finally woken up to the issue of family and domestic violence.

“But it’s not enough to just talk about the problem. Under the Liberals, existing services are struggling to cope,” Ms McGurk said.

“In the Kimberley for instance, we know that family violence is much higher and services are really stretched.

“Without putting the right amount of money into what we know works, the government’s strategy will just be words on paper.”